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Praying with the Neumans

Downloadable files you can print out are attached below the current prayer guide.

November 2019


Safety in travel: Everson-Canada-  Chewelah-Spokane-Richland-Hermiston-  Nampa- Gig Harbor-Orting-Enumclaw.

Refreshing & encouraging visits

Restful retreat enjoying beauty of God’s    creation on Fox Island, WA

Total monthly support increase of $660

Housing provided for Dec. 17-26

Apppointments made to check out Jerry's health situation:  Dec. 11 Primary Care Dr. in Beaumont, CA;                                    Dec. 31 Cardiology Specialist at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AR.


Meetings in Washington through Nov.

Staying healthy in these winter months

To be a blessing in each place

Work out schedule  and housing for Dec. & Jan.

Remaining monthly support needed $450 to get clearance to leave for Brazil Jan. 28 -29

Funding for special projects – see below



New computer & case for Lynda $900  God provided, praise Him with us!!!        

New mattress for our bed in Brazil $500 (We’ve had the current one for 18 years!)

Shipping costs to send books to Guyana for new Bible school $500-$700

Passage for us both to accompany Sibima students to Guyana in July 2020 $1000


MINISTRY COUPLES – special relationships with former and current students:

Pray for the various couples featured in our presentation with whom God has given us a special relationship of influence.



10/6 Preaching and reporting at Christ Fellowship, Everson

10/7-12 Drove through Canada down to Summit Valley, Chewelah, Spokane, Richland, Hermiston, Nampa, ID, back to Richland, Gig Harbor, Orting & Enumclaw, visiting folks in each place.

10/12-14 with Kirk & Juanita McKeeth in Nampa and presenting ministry at Iglesia El Tesoro

10/14-15 Traveling back through Tri-cities and on to old Naval Lab on Fox Island, until 11/18

10/20 AM Reported to Tabernacle Baptist and Northgate Retirement Home in Shoreline, WA

10/27 AM Reported to Myers Road Baptist Church, Bonney Lake, WA

          PM Reported to Discovery Baptist SALT group at the John Glass home

11/03 *AM Presented ministry to Mt. Tahoma Baptist, Tacoma, WA;  PM AWANA – Mt. Tahoma



11/10 AM Reporting to Eatonville Baptist Church, Eatonville, WA

          PM Reporting to Discovery Baptist SALT group at the Stan Campbell home

11/11 PM Reporting to Discovery Baptist SALT group at the Graham Marshall home

11/12 Lunch with supporters Dan & Nancy Lofgren (& still others with whom to arrange dates to meet)
11/13 Visiting friends & prayer partners Georgia Rogers in Lacy and Victoria Davis in Shelton
11/14 PM Reporting to Discovery Baptist SALT group at the Mike Helland  home
11/15 Packing up
11/16 PM Visiting friends in Puyallup
11/17 *AM Presenting ministry to Southside Baptist Church, Tacoma, WA

          PM 2:00 Reporting to Discovery Baptist SALT group at the Dan Hunt home

11/18 Drive to Eastern Washington – with Gary & Margo Posenjak, Entiat, then to Tri-cities

11/18-24 Staying at First Baptist, Pasco; visiting & sharing ministry with various friends & supporters

11/19 PM Gathering at the Brammers for friends in Tri-cities to share what God is doing in Brazil

11/24 AM & PM Reporting to First Baptist Church, Pasco

11/25 Drive to Stayton, OR - Curt & Bonnie Jones - ABWE debriefing and fellowship with dear friends

11/26 Drive to Grants Pass, OR staying with supporter and friend – Gerrie Anderson

11/28 Thanksgiving with Jerry's family in Lakehead, CA north of Redding.

11/30 Thanksgiving with Lynda's brother and wife near Grants Pass, OR

12/01 Available for church in S. Oregon area

*These engagements are first time presentations of our ministry.  Pray that God might raise up new team members from these presentations.