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"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest." Luke 10:2

Perhaps your family or church group would like to help in training Brazilians and thrusting them out into the Lord's harvest. Each of the ministries below is involved in some phase of doing this. If your group decides to participate by providing the funds for one of these projects, please let us know by dropping us an e-mail message at jlneuman@abwe.cc or by leaving a message on our comment page. Thank you.

Maranatha Bible School (SIBIMA):

This school for training Brazilians as ministers of the gospel in local churches, evangelistic ministries, and cross-cultural missionaries has been in existence since 1958. Jerry has been on the faculty since 2002. Lynda has helped him teach a couple classes.

Here are several projects which would enhance SIBIMA's ministry:.

  1. Bathroom stall doors.The school did not have the funds to finish the bathrooms: with dividers, etc. A local donor provided the granite dividers for between the stalls, but we still need aluminum doors to make the stalls private in both the men's and women's restrooms. $500 would go a long ways to finish these off.
  2. Open-air auditorium. Since moving to this new facility in 2009, the school has been in need of a larger space to accomodate special seminars and conferences, like the Biblical Counseling Conference that is offered here each year. Though we had a contract with someone to put up an open-air structure that would meet this need, this person took our money and did not honor the contract. This case is now in legal proceedings. Please pray with us that this would be settled quickly and that God would provide the funds needed for this area to enable SIBIMA's hosting of such important conferences for the churches here in Fortaleza.
  3. Computer lab for students. Many of our students do not have access to a personal computer. Having a number of computers available for their use would facilitate the preparation of assignments that must be typed, without the inconvenience or extra cost of having to go to a cyber café. Students could come do their research in SIBIMA's library and have computers right there to type up their assignments.  This last year a friend of the school had a cyber café that went out of business and so they donated the divided study carrels for this project.  Now closer to seeing this project come to fruition we need funds to buy computers.  With even the most modest of gifts to this project we could have our financial director put together some computer desk tops together and then purchase monitors.

Maranatha Multicultural Ministries (MMM):

MMM is a national cross-cultural mission founded in 2006 to send Brazilians beyond their borders with the good news of the Gospel. We now have two families and one single girl serving in Cape Verde, one in Portugal and another in Guyana.  A Brazilian dentist and his family hope to join the ABWE medical staff in the Gambia, West Africa by the early part of 2012.  Still another family wth ABWE in the US raising support to come work on the team in Cape Verde.

Ministry trip to Cape Verde and Portugal

Jerry, as Administrative Director of MMM, is over the missionaries on the field. We would like to visit these missionaries on their fields in the first semester of 2012. Approximately $4,000 is needed for both of us to make this trip of encouragement to those who are ministering abroad.

Gifts for MMM missionaries


ABWE has agreed to receive dollar gifts for the MMM missionaries and pass the full sum on to them. Become a part of this divine adventure. We can link you up with one or more of these servants of the Lord of the Harvest. Those with current needs are listed below.

João and children at Adventure Baptist ChurchJoão and children at Adventure Baptist Church

João Nascimento de Souza, Fabiana and two young sons sons are in Guyana, alone. They are needing still a good portion of their support and funds to buy a used car.



Partnering with ABWE clinic in GambiaPartnering with ABWE clinic in Gambia
  • Carlos Héron, Laura, and their two daughters, still need monthly financial support as well as Outfit and Passage needs.