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Preparing for English Evangelism

  Sunday Morning English Service

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Some time ago, Pr. Jenuan asked Jerry to lead a service in English that would prepare our members at IBBP for taking advantage of opportunities to testify of their faith in English. Since many of our people already have some
Silgene on her way to the hotelSilgene on her way to the hotel background in English, and a number work in fields that have contact with English speakers, we wanted to help them prepare for being a witness in that venue as well.

Our group meets for 45 minutes before Sunday school begins each week.  We have anywhere from 3 or 4 to a full house with 13-14. Besides fellow members of IBBP, we have two who come from another church. We've had some Indian work colleagues attend once as well as one of Lydia's English students -- all who are unsaved.  

Next month a young lady from Nepal will be arriving to care for Silgene, one of our group who is partially disabled and spends most of her time in a wheel chair. Their means of communication will be through English.  The Nepalese lady has already agreed to come to our services and attend church with Silgene.  We are all praying for opportunities first to communicate God's love in a tangible manner and then actually be able to share God's plan with her. Our group has developed a special bond, like family!                           
 Our material for this study in cross-cultural evangelism is the ABWE produced The Story of Hope (in global English).  This is a 40 lesson summary of the gospel story beginning with creation and going through to the believer's eternal state in heaven.  Each lesson is built around a beautiful painting that depicts an event from the Old or New Testament that is crucial to the gospel story line down through the ages.  At the end there are eight lessons looking at the theological concepts that come from these stories and are foundational for a genuine faith decision in Christ's sacrifice for forgiveness and salvation.  Through a slide of each picture, a simple English Bible translation, and didactic helps that Jerry puts together each week, we talk about the story and the background knowledge that one would need to be able to present these lessons to a non-believer.  We also have fun learning English choruses and hymns.  

There is a further purpose for this training in how to talk about the gospel in English.  Our city is one of the major locations for the games of the World Cup in 2014 and of the Olympic Games in 2016.  Many here are gearing up for this influx of tourists by perfecting their English. We hope to have a well planned outreach during these unprecedented opportunities when so many English-speakers will be coming to us!  Won't you pray with us concerning the strategy of this outreach and that God would burden the personnel that He wants involved.  Perhaps He would even have YOU come down to help us!!  If you have interest in this evangelistic outreach, leave us a note on the contact page or send us an e-mail at jlneuman@abwe.cc  We'll be glad to tell you how you can be involved in these opportunities for reaching the nations!  Check out this link about Fortaleza and the World Cup.  http://www.worldcuptimetable.co.uk/2014-world-cup-host-city-fortaleza.htm