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Prayer Requests

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest." Luke 10:2

  REQUESTS FOR April - May 2012:


The Neuman Family

Please pray with us that:

  1. We might all be faithful in making our walk with God a priority in the midst of many responsibilities.
  2. That our family would allow the Holy Spirit to work in us helping us to depend on Him in the spiritual battles we face -- and especially as we seek to live out the principles of scripture in our relationships.
  3. That the Lord would help Jerry in preparing for and teaching Hebrew and History of Missions at SIBIMA.
  4. That the Lord would give wisdom to Jerry as he helps in the administration of the Maranatha mission, caring for our missionaries both on the field and raising support.
  5. That God would give clarity of thought and expression as Jerry has several theological papers to write and present at SIBIMA's theological conference the week of April 23-27.
  6. That God would use Lynda to stimulate Aparecida, Thalita, Elyssandra and Kaline to spiritual growth as she disciples them.
  7. That God would help Lynda as she prepares to speak to the ladies at the Christ is Life church on the evening of April 28.
  8. That we all would learn much about working on a team at the MMM training being offered to us by Avante Ministries the 15th to 18th of May.
  9. Pray as we both prepare messages tthat we'll be sharing with the believers in Guiana during the last part of June.
  10. That the Lord would continue to bless in the preparations for the Biblical Counseling seminars to be held September 24th -29th, 2012.




The Cape Verde Team

  1. Pray for our missionaries: Pr. Isaías and Elda, Pr. Junior and Monica, Eliane and Fábio and Danielle in their various ministries:
    • Pr. Izaías and Elda and family will return to CV after the birth of Josué.  They are scheduled to leave  in August.  Praise the Lord for a good delivery for Elda April 4 and a healthy baby.
    • Pr. Junior and Mônica are awaiting Josué's birth by the middle of May. Pray that she will be able to have a natural delivery.
    • Sunday evening - worship services. God has provided a great meeting place with room for their needs for a while.  Pray for His provision of the funds for rent so that Pr. Junior will not need to pay the high cost out of his personal funds.
    • Tuesday and Thursday night - Bible study in Judges.
    • All during the week - individual discipleship and evangelistic studies, as well as music and computer lessons and crafts for the ladies to build bridges with unsaved.
    • Baptismal interviews in preparation for the second baptismal April 21.
    • Pray for Milene who is in a period of discipline for behavior unappropriate for a believer.
    • Pray for Fábio and family who are visiting a work on another island to consider the possibility of substituting there for 6 months while the missionary pastor reports in the US.
  2. Prais God with Eliane as she has had the privelege of doing a master's course in Cape Verde crioulo which should set her in good stead for helping in translating the Scriptures.  She needs to finish her dissertation before the end of the year and is having difficulty finding the time to work on it.

Portugal: Paulo Henrique and Cininha Barroso

  1. Praise the Lord for the safe delivery of Juliana.  Pray for PH and Cininha as they adjust to being parents.
  2. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel as PH does a master's degree at the University this year.
  3. Pray for the "Lighthouse" home Bible study of the Sunday preaching that is held at PH and Cininha's house.
  4. Pray for Cininha's parents' salvation as they have studied for over a year but have yet to make their decision to trust Christ.
  5. PH and Cininha have asked for a year's leave of absence due to the heavy load PH faces with working and completing his master's.
  6. PH in his Bachelor's course at the University in Porto.

Gambia: Dr. Carlos Héron (dentist) and Laura, Ana Letícia, Ana Beatriz

  1. That God would help them as they make the transition to Gambia April 19 and begin to settle in to their home and routine on the hospital site interior.
  2. Pray their container arrives safely as well as the truck which is being ordered from Japan to allow him to travel with his mobile dentist station making friends and building relationships in order to have a platform to share the gospel in partnership with ABWE's medical team.
  3. For Laura and the girls to quickly learn English and make the necessary adjustments to a new country and culture.
  4. Give thanks for the diesel mechanics course he was able to complete.

Guyana: John and Fabiana Nascimento, Itiel, Etan

  1. That God would move those responsible for approving visas to grant them long-term visas for which they have been waiting since November.  They cannot purchase a vehicle until their visas come through. As there is no public transportation system, this would greatly facilitate their ministry.
  2. That God would bring in more support for them as they are living in Guyana under-supported.
  3. That God would help them encourage the believers of a national association of Baptist churches in the capital of Georgetown where there only remain three churches. Praise God for the ministry of a group of 2 pastors and 7 believers who ministered through a VBS and Bible conference in March/April. The people were so thirsty for teaching that they thanked and thanked them, inviting them back again as soon as possible.

East Timor: Ronaldo and Thalita Fernandes

  1. Thank God for the completion of Ronaldo's sentence for crimes committed before his conversion, thus enabling him to get his passport and prepare to travel out of the country.
  2. That God would provide funds for a survey trip for Ronaldo and Thalita to East Timor in 2012 to determine what platform they will use to enter the country.
  3. Praise God for the son He is forming in Thalita's womb and pray for a safe, natural delivery in September.
  4. Pray for traveling safety and favor before the churches as they present their desired ministry to East Timor seeking to raise partners in prayer and support.
  5. For God to raise up leaders to take over the important ministries that Ronaldo has led while studying: the missions ministry and a book-selling ministry at our church, a prison ministry in three facilities here in Ceará. As a former criminal himself who has been miraculously transformed by God's grace, he has great inroads both with the prisoners and those in charge of the prisons, some of whom remember him when he was on the other side of the bars.
  6. The raising up of a team of partners to go to East Timor with them. They need to have a team of at least four couples. There is one single girl applying to MMM and a couple in the US raising support to go with the American mission, Avante, that we will be partnering with in East Timor.

"If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you shall ask what you desire,

and it shall be done for you."  John 15.7