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Getting through the Storm 3/9/2021

Jerry Neuman on June 7, 2021

Getting Through the Storm


In the last couple of weeks we have prayed . . . and wept . . . and prayed . . . and wept . . . and prayed . . . and rejoiced . . . and prayed . . . and adjusted. We continue praying and rejoicing.

In our last prayer letter we told about Pastor Douglas and his life well lived. I watched the funeral service online. I heard his colleague and dear wife give testimony of his life. When it was over the family was told to come to the hospital. Their 43 year old son, minister of music in the church, was also passing into the arms of Jesus.  We wept. 

We prayed that Jonatas´ life would be preserved through the Covid but the Lord saw that it would be best to take him home. We wept with the family from a distance. A godly young man, 38, leaving a wife and an eight month old daughter. We watched the service online and heard his wife give a great testimony of the Lord´s grace as she read a letter to her husband. We wept.

We prayed as our 46 year old colleague, Tim Blazer, lay in critical condition here in a hospital. After 11 days in the ICU he came out to a normal room. A couple of days later he was released to go home! We rejoiced! He had to buy a $3,000 breathing machine to help him through the next 60 days of recovery. Physically exhausted and weak. Emotionally spent. But home.He was to begin teaching a class at the seminary last night, Monday. He sent me the materials he used last time he taught the class and what he had adjusted for this year before contracting COVID. So I taught online for 3 hours the class of 10 students: Introduction to Missiology and Church Planting. Eleven years ago was the last time I had taught Intro to Missiology but it didn´t include Church planting at that time. The class went well and several students wrote personal notes of thanks afterwards. 

I was to have about 100 days to write a book and prepare for a class that begins on May 17th. I also have a class on Analysis of the Psalms by "distance learning" with 3 students. We will adjust.

Please pray for organization, stamina, wisdom to make the adjustments needed so that we can fulfill our responsibilities.

We continue to pray for several others of our church and others we have contact with who have serious cases of COVID. Many are waiting for a bed in one of the many hospitals.

Lynda, Lydia and I are doing well, not showing any signs of COVID at this time. We are not leaving our home any more than necessary. The governor has declared several states of lockdown and curfew.

For the Glory of the Lord,

Jerry, Lynda and Lydia Neuman