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A Life Well Lived for the Lord 2/23/2021

Jerry Neuman on June 7, 2021

A Life Well Lived for His Lord


The Lord in His great wisdom chose to take one more of His valiant servants, Pr. Douglas Alves. We have known Pr. Douglas for a number of years. When he pastored a church four hours away he also was the Chief Editor and publisher of a national newspaper for the Regular Baptists of Brazil. He served as the President of the Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He returned to his home town of Boa VIsta, Roraima, Brazil and raised up a large, strong church that was very active in missions. He and his family established a large Christian school in the city. It was his vision and perseverance that brought about the Venezuelan Baptist Seminary. He inspired the first MMM missionaries to go to Venzuela and others as well. When the Venezuelans fled their country to the closest city in Brazil, where Pr. Douglas pastored, his church responded with open arms and ministries to these thousands of refugees. Although Pr. Douglas was never part of the leadership of MMM, the Brazilian mission benefitted greatly from his leadership. He made it clear that the MMM missionaries in Guyana were very near to his heart. When MMM wanted to have another Round Table Conference in December of 2018, Pr. Douglas was more than enthusiastic about Calvary Baptist Church receiving all the MMM missionaries and leadership possible as well as the international speakers who came to this great event. He desired and had plans to help in the establishing of a seminary in Guyana. My desire has been to take this plan forward. Pr. Douglas glorified well His Lord and left behind for all of us a great legacy of ministry. Please pray for the comfort of his wife and family. Pr. Douglas' son, Obede, is still in the hospital with COVID-19 and several complications. His life hangs in the balance as I write. May the Lord spare this servant of the Lord also. As we reported before Calvary has already lost Pr. Paulo Antonio, a national leader with CEF. Two other pastors had COVID-19 and have survived. Pray for this church that has suffered so much, that they will continue to be a strong testimony to Brazilians and Venezuelans alike.

Our ABWE colleague, Tim Blazer, has also worsened since our last official communication to you, our prayer team. Through means not normal (read "God directed"), intercession by some who do not even know Tim, a bed and treatment were arranged for him in a hospital not normally available to us. He is now in an ICU room with an "Elmo helmet" that we hope will keep him from having to be intubated. His condition is critical but stable. The next few days are crucial to see how the disease develops and Tim's body reacts. Please pray for Tim, his wife, Andrea, their 4 children, Levy, 13 and at home, and the other 3 in the states. Both Andrea and Levy also had more mild cases of COVID-19 and are recuperating well.

We mentioned others in our last prayer letter. Jonatas, the son of a close pastor friend, remains in critical condition and they may be doing a tracheostomy on him today to help his breathing. Pr. Assis, my former student, continues in critical condition in the hospital. Pr. Jenuan apparently developed enough antibodies that his third bout was very short and mild. 

Lynda had a few symptoms that followed the COVID pattern but a test came back negative and she is doing well. Please praise the Lord with us and continue in prayer for these servants of the Lord.

For the Glory of the Lord,

Jerry, Lynda and Lydia Neuman