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On the way to Normal

Lynda Neuman on September 6, 2020

ON THE ROAD TO NORMAL We are grateful for your co-operation in prayer for us through these highly unusual last months! God has answered your prayers on many fronts. Our city continues the downward path in coronavirus infections. In fact, our Health Minister said in an article today that we are probably very close to herd immunity. However, our governor has tightened the mask regulations requiring anyone outside their home to wear one - even in one's own vehicle - or face a possible ticket. Our church is finally back to normal after moving through all four phases of reopening. Corona pushed creativity in so many realms! Online classes, Zoom Worldwide Missionary Sunday School, Couples meetings, Zoom birthday parties uniting family and others from far flung locations. See some pictures of these creative results in our On the Road to Normal photo album here. After a month on antibiotics for his foot infection, Jerry was able to stop two weeks ago. However, the foot is still very sensitive to being down, so he is doing all he can to take various rests throughout the day where he elevates the foot or uses cold compresses to help keep it from swelling. Grades for Hebrew 1 & 2 finally got calculated and submitted just a week before the new semester began. We three were able to get away July 23-27 to visit our kids in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. It was great to have a little time with them all. Now may we share some special praises? Please thank the Father for His provision. SIBIMA has survived the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, thhough still with a shortfall to meet operating expenses last month. The new semester started online Aug. 3 with hope that they will be able to meet at the seminary starting in September. Both teachers and students will be glad to see that happen, though meeting online has been helpful for Jerry to not be on his foot for long hours. Our church is back to meeting normally. We have had several birthday celebrations for special members, starting with our pastor, Tiago, his wife Liliane, and then last week celebrating 80 years of a dear saint and neighbor of ours and the church, Dona Silvia. A very special baptismal with wonderful testimonies of God working change in lives was encouraging. A good number beyond those baptized were then accepted into membership. Discipleship & counseling: Before June ended, Pastor Tiago contacted me about discipling a mom and Lydia about working with her 12 year old daughter. God is blessing those relationships! Then another lady asked me to counsel her virtually, since she lives across town. What a blessing that has been to see her grow! There is another counseling situation that I may be starting as well, though three is more than I thought I could handle. Pastor's and Leaders Retreat this last weekend was full of spiritual challenge, encouraging fellowship, and beautiful beach weather. What joy to see so many former students serving in ministry -- 19 present! Our support level is a continual source of gratefulness of heart! How thankful we are for those of you who God has moved to be a part of this provision. Be assured that it has not only been a blesssing to us, but also to those with whom we have been able to share during this time of tightened finances for many. . . . and some requests? Jerry's preparation for Hebrew 3 & 4 classes -- a steep learning curve for him as new methods have become standard in the last ten years since he last taught. He enjoys teaching, but the preparation and teaching online has brought some signs of stress with chest pains returning intermittently. that mentorships with two young pastors which were put on hold can finally begin. continued healing of Jerry's foot. time management in Lynda's preparation for discipleship studies and counseling cases. wisdom as to whether Lynda should take on this third counseling situation. finding solutions & good management of some health issues with which Lynda is dealing. Lydia's final 2 classes of the master's degree and writing of her thesis over the next year. Lydia's counseling and discipleship studies, music and children's ministries in our church. Gratefully praising God for your cooperation in ministry! Jerry and Lynda Neuman