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Making Adjustments April 2020

Lynda Neuman on April 2, 2020

Happy teacher!

Making Adjustments                         April 2, 2020

Adjustments are usually a challenge.  We have been doing things one way for a long time, or been expecting something to happen, looking forward with great anticipation to an event -- but then things change --- and we need to adjust.  Adjust the way we do a task, or even how we live, adjust our expectations, come to terms with our disappointment that what we were so happily anticipating is not going to happen. These type of adjustments are all too real in our lives these days -- no matter where we live on the face of the earth! After Christ's crucifixion, His disciples dealt with dashed expectations and adjustments to their thinking and living. They were afraid! And at that time they didn't yet have the Holy Spirit to comfort them and to bring to remembrance all they had learned about the Lord and the things He had promised.  We who are trusting in Jesus Christ today in our turbulent times of coronavirus do! Praise His name! 

Our Situation in relation to the Coronavirus 

We here in the state of Ceará have been on lockdown for two weeks now.  It seems that the quick, agressive action has slowed the evolution of Covid 19. It certainly has given time to beef up health resources for dealing with the virus. A reactivated 200 bed hospital and a stadium-adapted-to-hospital stand ready, besides the hospital that normally deals with infectious diseases, in our city, which is the main center of health resources for our state. As of April 1, Ceará has had 435 confirmed cases and 9 deaths, the majority of both in our capital city of 4 million in the metropolitan area. There is also much concern about the economic impact this lockdown is already having on many of our people. As people lose income, so do churches and missionaries. This added to the 30% increase in the dollar has already drastically affected support values for Brazilian missionaries whose salaries are exchanged into the dollar and then to the currency of the country where they serve. For us, with increase in the value of the dollar we've been able to help others.

Our Shepherd Cares and Provides

Our pastor, in our online Service Sunday evening, expounded and applied to our situations the truths of Psalm 23.  We have a Shepherd who cares for us so much that we lack nothing that we really need -- even now in quarantine in our homes! He will lead us to green pastures where we can be fed by His Word.  Then by the still waters of His presence to calm and refresh our hearts. He can help us make the needed adjustments to our lifestyles. He desires to feed our souls and commune with us bringing refreshment.  He will provide for our needs -- even as we wait on Him for that provision.  Why not take time to meditate on this wonderful picture of our Shepherd and find yourself encouraged and hopeful!

Adjusting to new kitchen organization

When we wrote last, we were waiting for our new kitchen cabinets to be installed.  Well, they arrived about two weeks ago.  A new style of cabinets meant we had to make quite a few adjustments to the way we had stored things before.  It was challenging to figure out.  I was thankful for Lydia and Lídia's help in working it all out.  (If you are wondering why we have two "Lydia/Lidias" - one is our biological daughter of 28 years (Lydia) and the other is our "adopted daughter" of recent times Lidia (Lidiane).) We've pretty much adjusted to the changes and are really liking the way things are.  Check out a panorama in our photo album about Adjustments.

Virtual Doctor Appointments??

A week after the kitchen cabinets arrived, I had a return doctor visit scheduled to show exams and bloodwork. BUT our state was under quarantine by that time.  Now what? My doctor and I were able to do a video call, going over the exams, adjusting my supplements and medications, giving new orientation. What a blessing technology can be! The evaluation of my exams was also a blessing in that elements that were before a concern have dropped down within desired levels! Praise the Lord!  Those kind of adjustments are great!

Moving the Classroom Online

Normally, on Wednesdays, Jerry and Lydia would leave home around 4 to get to the seminary for Lydia to counsel and then teach English and for Jerry to teach Hebrew.  On Thursdays, Jerry would make the trek by himself, leaving at 5 to miss the traffic. It would be 10 or later both nights before getting home. Now there is no need to leave early to battle traffic, and no time wasted in transport!

Tonight is the second week Jerry and Lydia have taught their classes online. Jerry has the same Hebrew students on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30. That has taken some major adjustments!  How does one give a Hebrew test online?  How to produce vocabulary cards for student practice? God has given creativity and class is going well.  You can check out their virtual classrooms in our photo albums as well. Our eldest son, Nathan, also is an English teacher in Natal, 7 hours south of us. He has had to move to online teaching and his kids to online learning.  Challenges for all.

Extra time with the Shepherd

I'm grateful for the concentrated times at home, not running about for various things.  I'm knocking out a number of things off my To Do List that had accumulated for some time.  Extra time without rush with my Lord has been good for my soul.  I'm working on self-discipline in several areas and meditating on Col. 3:12-17 as I seek to apply it's truths in the irritations that arise from some of our needed adjustments! The Lord has spoken to my heart about praying for and seeking ways to encourage women to whom He has allowed me to minister over the years - some of these in distant cities and even distant countries. Pray that I will follow through and know what encouragement each one needs.

How to Safely Purchase and Store Groceries

Since Jerry and I are in the group of risk - 65 and older, the girls took our long list and went shopping yesterday morning -- stocking up for two weeks time. Then, when they got home, we all got involved in the process of washing any possible corona virus from everything!  We set up our cleaning line on the front varanda and washed, washed, washed!  You can laugh at our wash room in our photo album!

We appreciate your prayers for us.  Check out our prayer prompter at the bottom of this letter.

May the Lord give you comfort and joy as you look to the Shepherd for His provision of all you need as we all go on with the necessary adjustments to our lifestyles,

Lynda Neuman -- for Jerry and Lydia too!

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1. That we all would seek to make the necessary adjustments of these days focused on the attitudes and behaviors of Col. 3:12-17,  spending extra time with our Shepherd.

2. For wisdom and guidance for our leaders: federal, state & city, as they walk the tightrope between measures to save lives and not destroying our economies to the point that many lives will be lost due to privations and violence.

3. That Brazilian churches and missionaries would have their needs met so they can continue to minister in Jesus' name.

4. For creative ideas and adaptations for those who must now seek to engage students online, and students who must put forth more effort in learning online.

5. That God would give me diligence in my efforts towards greater self-discipline and wisdom as to who I should seek to encourage and how.

6. For our health and safety, but more than anything that we might trust and honor our Lord in thought, word and deed.