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Fall Meanderings

Lynda Neuman on November 6, 2019

October 2, 2019

ENCOURAGING NEWS!  Praise the Lord with us! We have seen various increases to the monthly pledges that form our support base since arriving in the US mid-July. Having re-evaluated this week, we have determined the need to update several categories: rent, ministry and medical expenses.  With these adjustments, we lack $475 in monthly commitments for ABWE to grant us clearance to return to Brazil. Our request for clearance (with pledges for full support) needs to be submitted by the end of November to clear us for returning to Brazil the end of January.  Please pray with us towards this goal, as well as God’s provision for the various one time projects listed on our prayer list which you can access here.

MEDICAL UPDATE:  Many have asked about Jerry’s health. A daily regime of supplements aim  at supporting his liver and pancreas. Though he has had some infrequent chest pains, they are momentary.  We are observing to try to determine the circumstances that provoke them. Our desire is to get a second opinion from a cardiological surgeon concerning the need for surgery to correct his irregular heart structure. The plan to pursue this with a doctor he saw in 2017 in S. California will likely involve a primary care appointment to get a referral to a cardiologist and possibly another referral to see a surgeon. Our insurance will not cover these expenses accrued here in the US. Please pray for God's provision and that we will be able to get all these appointments in a timely manner to be able to return to Brazil.

HOUSING NEED:  In light of this plan, we ask you to pray with us about housing in S. California for most of December and January. We have a couple short stay possibilities, but nothing for a longer period. Our preference would be near Santa Clarita so that we can take advantage of the time with Luke and family.

FURLOUGH UPDATE: Refreshing and uplifting describes most of this past month. First, the Refresh Retreat of the Baptist Network Northwest, then a week of rest and relaxation in Westwood at Walker Mansion Inn managed by Rob and Linda Hart. Their gracious hospitality and renewing friendship with Linda (after not having seen her for over 45 years!) was such a treat! We also enjoyed uplifting times with their church, Lake Almanor Community, helping in AWANA, attending the benefit dinner for their Christian school, and meeting, hearing their report, and fellowshipping with missionaries to Muslims in Spain on Sunday.

Between these two times of rest, we met, in Chico, with the remaining members of Calvary Baptist, Paradise, Lynda’s home church and perceived that, though all experienced great loss yet they have a burden to get back into the community to minister. We drove through the town of Paradise, where Lynda was raised, to see both devastation and rebuilding.   We witnessed how God spared the home of friends with not even smoke damage. Over lunch, we renewed friendship with special people from Lynda's childhood and high school years.  Forest Ranch

The last week of September, provided many special times --  With family: visiting and encouraging Jerry’s chronically ill cousin and taking Jerry’s mom with us up to Grants Pass to spend a few days with the dear friend who has made her cabin available to us.  With friends:  making new friends where we stayed in Redding and catching up with old friends. In Ministry Opportunities: challenging students at Shasta Bible College to search out what God wants them to do with their lives and reporting to both our sending church, Sovereign Grace Baptist of Enumclaw and Orting Community Baptist on Sept. 29.   

We hope you’ll access our  pictures and schedule and rejoice and pray with us,

Jerry and Lynda Neuman

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