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The Blessings Continues

Lynda Neuman on November 6, 2019

 August 16, 2019


Despite the failure to get out the last update, Facebook helped us out as I had posted some of our needs there and many were praying.  If you read the belated update we sent out earlier today, you can rejoice with us in the many ways God has blessed and provided.

1. My laptop and passport were found by Alaska Air and shipped back to me!

2. Our son bought me a new phone.  You can reach me at 661-855-0232.

3. Funds are on the way for a new computer for Jerry.  The video card connections on his current computer have been compromised so that it gives him problems every time he opens it.

4.Our housing need for the time in Western Washington has been provided.  We're working on Eastern Washington and then will need housing back in Southern California for part of December and January.

5. We heard from a church in Oceanside which we haven't visited in years and will have the opportuntiy to share with them what God is doing in Brazil and Beyond on January 12.

6. One of our supporting churches, having been on our team since the beginning and consistently increasing their participation over the years, has notified us that they are increasing our support by $45.  Praise God for His provision through His people! Our prayer is that the Lord enables other churches to do similarly in order to help us meet the $600+ monthly need that must be met before we can return to Brazil.

7. We had a great time in Santa Maria last weekend, visiting Bruce and Margie Mc Lain, giving a report to Pine Grove Baptist Church and meeting their new pastor, as well as safe travels there and back.

8. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week we were privileged to spend caring for our grandaughters, Amelia (4 1/2) and Suzannah (2 1/2), while Luke and Danielle got away to celebrate 10 years of marriage -- how can it be already????

9.  We are on the road right now traveling to the Bay area, where we will be reporting at Bethany Baptist of Pleasant Hill and enjoying fellowhship in the home of Don and Chris Phipps, friends from Western Baptist days.

10. News from Brazil indicates that Jerry's resignation from MMM in March has triggered a chain of events which will result in several position changes including at least two new Brazilians being added to the administration of MMM. From a missionary perspective, it is always encouraging when the missionary can be replaced by qualified nationals.  The global impact of MMM continues and in that we rejoice.