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God's Blessings Amid Challenges

Lynda Neuman on November 6, 2019

 July 30,2019


Our trip went well and our time at the ABWE conference (7/15-18) focused on the hope we have in Jesus Christ and provided great fellowship which encouraged and uplifted us. We learned much at the ABWE Security Training. It was a joy to see our friends in the DC area.  We were greatly blessed worshipping at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (7/21) and visiting the Museum of the Bible. Our time with supporters in Yorktown was relaxing and encouraging. Visiting the Revolutionary War Museum with them, enlightening.  Early Thursday morning (7/25) we flew out to LAX. 

We've had special fun times with Nate and Luke and Danielle already. Through friends of Luke and Danielle's, God provided housing for us: a really nice RV on the back of their property, plus a pool and lush green yard where we can spend time with our kids. Our worship time with Nate at Placerita Baptist encouraged our growth through 2 Pet. 1:2-4 . Brazil was in focus as their summer mission team to S. Brazil gave their report and another ABWE Brazil family besides us was visiting! 

We are grateful for safe travels and uplifting times! We are also grateful for several generous gifts to our ABWE account that have covered the costs of our trip to this point!  Praise God with us!


  1. Lynda's cell phone took a dive in water and was officially declared dead on Saturday.  Her computer and US passport got left on the plane last Thursday and the airline has not yet located them. Replacing these imply a fair sized investment, for which we would ask your prayers for God's provision.  Luke has loaned a laptop for the time being so she can still function. Since we cancelled our Brazilian numbers before leaving and now the device connected to her account is dead, her Whatsapp account has been lost. She can access Facebook and be reached through Messenger, should you want to contact her.
  2. Jerry needs to finish grades for Sibima by Wednesday.  Much effort and concentration will be required to make this deadline, so please pray with us about this.
  3. We are still finalizing our schedule for reporting to churches here on the West Coast, so please pray these dates can be confirmed this week. We will then send out another update with our schedule and make contacts with individuals we hope to see, as well as work out housing while in Washington state.
  4. Household items stored at a supporting church need to be sorted making decisions as to what to discard, donate, or continue to store and where.  This process of letting go of material possessions is energy sapping, mentally and spiritually challenging as we must place our faith in God's provision should we need these items in the future, so your prayer support will be very important to us.
  5. Materials for reporting to our churches need to be prepared.  We would appreciate your prayers for creativity, focus, and clarity so that we might accurately communicate what God has been doing and how we anticipate continuing our ministry in the future.

Coming Your Way Soon,

Jerry and Lynda Neuman

US Phone - 661-855-3455 Email - brazilprof@hotmail.com or jerlynda@gmail.com

Mailing address until August 25:  24364 1/2 Chestnut, Newhall, CA 91321