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Update on Robbery Situation

Lynda Neuman on December 14, 2017

Thank you for your prayers and your many messages of compassion after the assault and robbery of Tuesday morning! 

Here are some updates on the situation for those of you who have not been able to follow Facebook posts.

Wednesday morning - Items of Praise

1. Praise God the robbers and stolen car were found this morning. (Reminder: the stolen car was not ours, but one they had stolen before trying unsuccessfully to steal ours!) They were all under age (which is the way the gangs work here since minors can only be locked up temporarily) so minors are usually sent out to do the dirty work. Being minors the one who tried to steal our car did not have any training in driving so did not know some basic things that would have allowed him to steal our car. Praise the Lord!

2. Someone who was owing us money paid us in cash yesterday which should help us cover bills coming due and possibly rent if the new credit and bank cards don't arrive in time to get funds to pay our rent.

3. Another Brazilian friend is sending us some funds as well which should be enough to purchase one cell phone.

4. Jerry has made some immediate provisions for tighter security here at home, since the robbers got my keys to the house.  Thankfully, the car documents had NOT been updated to our current address.

5. Jerry's driver license and keys to SIBIMA were recovered and we retrieved them yesterday afternoon at the police station.

Thursday morning - Items for Continued Prayer

Nothing of my driver's license (which has all my essential ID), car documents, cell phones, house and car keys or cash was recovered.

1. We hope the documents and keys did not fall into the hands of other criminal friends . Besides immediate security provisions already taken, we are looking into others for both our residence and the car..

Thanks for continuing to pray for: 

  • God's protection and wisdom as we make decisions,
  • that we would not be controlled by fear,
  • that we would place our trust in God's sovereign care for us rather than security measures,
  • but still have the wisdom to know what should be done at this point.

​2. We are moving on through the process of replacing documents.  Replacing documents here involves a lot of bureaucracy,

  • Please pray for patience and that we would reflect God's character in all our dealings. 

3. Cell phones are much more expensive here. We're grateful for a gift that should just about pay for one cell phone. 

  •  Pray for wisdom in how to use the funds He has provided. 

4. There will still be other expenses - changing locks and keys at the house, perhaps car license plates, document fees.  

  • Please continue to pray for God's provision for these costs.
We are so very grateful for all of you on our prayer team!!  Also grateful for technology that allows us to keep your prayers up to date and fill you in on the way God is answering!  
Remember  -- We are trying to post weekly updates and pictures and often several times a week ito our secret Facebook group --   To Brazil and Beyond.   We include prayer and praise notes for us as well as featuring the ministries of our MMM missionaries.
  • If you have Facebook and are not already a member --send us a message letting us know you would like to be a member and we'll send an invitation.  
  • It would be great if each church would have at least one member join this group and be responsible to keep all up to date.  

Together reaching out To Brazil and Beyond,

Jerry, Lynda and Lydia  Neuman