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Praise God for Protection; Need Prayer

Lynda Neuman on December 12, 2017

Praise God with us for His protection and grace.

Jerry and I headed out this morning to make a few more purchases to make progress in the settling-in proces.  Therefore he had a good amount of cash in his wallet.  As we finished at one store, Lydia called needing oil for a recipe for a University assignment that had to be turned in this afternoon. Since we were nearby, we decided to swing back into our neighborhood and stop at the Mom and Pop store to get oil for her, then go on our way.  So we were in a hurry.

As we came up to the little store, there was a car out front so we pulled in front of it and I got out quickly with just he bank card in my hand and without much attention to what was happening around us.  Just then several guys came out of the store and yelled, "Assalto, assalto" asked for our cell phones and pointed a gun at me. Then he came to the car and ordered Jerry out. Two guys got into the car and we started walking away thinking they were going to take the car.  We found a secluded spot a little ways away, yelled for a lady to call the police and waited as the robbers were yelling back and forth to each other and revving a car.  Finally, the roared by us in the car they had been in originally, headed out of the neighborhood and we walked back to the store.  The driver door on our car was still open. They had emptied all valuables out of the car: our phones, Jerry's wallet and my purse with all our ID, cash, credit cards, driver's licenses, Jerry's regular glasses (he was using sunglasses) and even the car documents. My purse had extra car keys and house keys and since the car documents have the license plates, they still have the capability of finding our car and taking it or possibly finding our house. We will change the locks that we can. We're canceling credit cards etc.

Jerry stayed at the store while the owner was on the phone with police and trying to keep their car in line of sight. I walked the three blocks home. Then the two of them went to the police station to file a report.  Somewhere along the way, Jerry learned that the car they were in was already reported stolen and the police were out on the main drag beside our neighborhood looking for them.  No news as yet as to whether they were caught.

All of this would have been MUCH more difficult had they taken our car as well, or us or fired the gun -- so we can praise God for His protection.  With the police report in hand we can still drive while we put in a request for new documents. Credit and debit cards will take at least two weeks to get here, so we will have to borrow some money in the meantime.

Pray for God's continued protection on us and our house and car and that we can get all documents replaced quickly.  Pray for  safety for Lídia, the Brazilian friend of our Lydia, who also lives with us and walks to and from the bustop to get to work and back home everyday.

Thank you for being on our team and lifting us and our needs before the Father!

Jerry, Lynda and Lydia Neuman