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Special Prayer Requests

Lynda Neuman on December 8, 2017

To our highly valued prayer team:

As we approach the celebration of Christ's birth, we rejoice in all that this means to us as believers.  A song that says it all is performed by the Ball Brothers -- It's About the Cross.  You can listen to it by clicking here. We pray that this will be the song of your heart this Christmas season as you meditate on the meaning of this celebration.

We have a number of prayer requests to share with you this first week of December:

1. The MMM governing board has their second bi-annual meeting tomorrow morning. The directory board has a meeting tonight at 5pm to prepare what they will present tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom and unity as there are some delicate issues to treat.

2. Due to an unfortunate mistake yesterday, Jerry lost 4 months of ministry expense reporting which had not yet been submitted to ABWE for reimbursement and there seems to be no way to recuperate this report, though various attempts have been made. This will have great impact on our ministry funds, so please pray for God's provision.

3. My eyes are giving me increasing problems when I try to read or work on the computer. The doctor has recommended surgery to reduce the weight of my eyelids. There are also issues that seem to be within my eyes, but he can't diagnose anything further until after this surgery.  Both my parents had severe eye issues, Dad actually being legally blind for many years.  Please pray with us that we are able to find solutions since so much of my work involves reading and computer work.

4. Saturday is SIBIMA graduation. There will be several graduates, and one that has been a special blessing to Jerry, Leandro Cabrera. This fellow looks to church planting in his hometown, Uruguaiana, in south Brazil which is a very cross-cultural environment. Another graduate, Tiago and his wife, plan on ministering to Muslims with MMM.  Pray that all concerning the graduation will bring glory to God and that God will bless each graduate, using them for His purposes and to His honor and glory.


5. Lydia is finishing up her last semester of her degree studies in Culinary Arts.  She is working hard to finish revisions to her monograph in the next two weeks or so as well as doing her second internship.  There are still several technical procedures to give her credit for courses taken in her previous degree which depend on University personnel who have been very slow in fulfilling their responsibilities.  Please pray that all can be finished and credited so that she can graduate around the third week in January, and be able to start her Master's degree in Biblical Counseling at SIBIMA in February.

A joyous Christmas to you honoring the birth of Christ,

Jerry, Lynda and Lydia Neuman