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Patience and Promises

Lynda Neuman on September 9, 2017

According to 2 Pet. 1:4-6  PATIENCE is one of the ways we are to respond to the precious promises God has given in order to help us live our lives in a godly way.  " And because of His glory and excellence He has given us great and precious promises. These are the PROMISES that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world's corruption caused by human desures. In view of all this, make every effort to respond to God's PROMISESSupplement your faith with . . . PATIENT endurance."

We are having to call upon God's PROMISE of always working the best for His children (Rom. 8:28) in order to exercise PATIENCE in regard to our move from our apartment into the house.

We thought we would be moving mid-August, but that has drug into mid-September! The owners of the house are moving to a new apartment which has had several delays in being outfitted for them to move in. Logically, we will only get the keys to the new house when they have moved out!!

They have been very gracious and concerned for us all along, but it is hard to live in limbo, among boxes, and not be settled. That is how it has been since we got back the end of June. We're ready to move, get settled, have our place for study and work, etc.

It looks like they should be moving in the next couple days and we should get the keys sometime next week. We hope to make the major part of the move on Saturday, September 16.


1. For our trust in God's PROMISE that He has the timing under control and for PATIENT PEACE in the midst of the stress that a move always brings.

2. For our trust in God's PROMISE to provide for His children and PATIENT PEACE concerning our financial need:

      ****the extra costs involved in a move. Praise God for a gracious $200 from a supporter towards this need.

     ****funds to cover the medical expense for which we cannot be reimbursed due to our medical account at ABWE            having a deficit of $ 2,785 as a result of Jerry's emergency visit and some medical issues I needed to care for            in the US.


Just as I finished this text, we learned that the mother of the owner of the house we are moving to mother passed away in the last hour and a half. She has been in ICU for some time and had a heart attack this morning. The owner, Alonzo, is not a believer, though his wife, Arlete, is. Please pray for Alonso and Arlete as they go through this, that God would allow us to minister to them, and that He would touch Alonzo's heart. Funeral will be tomorrow at 11 am.

Almost certainly this will affect our moving as well.

Thank you for covering us in prayer!

Jerry and Lynda Neuman