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The Power of God in Prayer

Lynda Neuman on September 7, 2017

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Sept. 7, 2017

We are in prayer these days especially for several situations, believing that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.

Last Friday, Sept. 1, we spent several hours with our son-in-law, Pedro, his brother, John, and sister-in-law, Rosimar, hearing more details of how the Lord is answering the prayers of many on behalf of John and Rosimar’s daughter, Jessica. She has had heart valve problems for three years now, involving several surgeries. Most recently she has had a septic infection that brought her to the point that doctors had almost given up hope of her recovering. Praise the Lord He helped her to be transferred by plane from Natal, 8 hours away by car, to Fortaleza to be operated on by a surgeon with experience in this. The Lord did some fantastic things in her heart and the operation was a huge success. She still is fighting the infection, so pray with us that God will help her win this battle completely.  This past week she was flown back to the Natal hospital to complete the anti-biotic treatment where she is nearer the rest of her family and friends. Thank the Lord with us for His gracious hand in Jessica's life.

We have been very much in prayer these days for those who are facing crises around the US. At least three of our supporting churches are in regions of the Western US that are going up in smoke.  Members of these churches have been affected. Some have lost homes or been evacuated. Lynda's brother and his wife were evacuated from their home in Central Oregon for a couple weeks. We have several friends in Montana near the fires there. Please pray with us for the exhausted firefighters who have been fighting valiantly these many fires.We have friends in the Houston area which is reeling from Hurrican Harvey. There are numerous friends of ours and retired missionaries in the Florida region waiting for Irma's fury on Sunday. Join us in praying for all those facing the destruction from wind and water. Please pray with us for the believers in the area to shine with God's love to those around them by helping in whatever way they can.

There are other prayer requests and blessings that we share on our special page of FACEBOOK, TO BRAZIL AND BEYOND. If you are not already a member, tell us and we can let you in on the blessings.

We recently asked for your prayers concerning our financial need, due to unexpected medical expenses and our upcoming move. Some have asked more specifics about donations for some of the needs we have mentioned. We have several accounts at ABWE, besides the normal support account. For instance, we have a medical account, a ministry account and an account called Outfit and Passage that can help us with moving costs, travel, furniture, etc. Mentioning your intention when you send a donation is enough for the servants of the Lord in the Missionary Finance Department to direct it well for our needs. Thanks for your participation in our ministry in this way also.

Kneeling with you,