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Moving Again!

Lynda Neuman on September 7, 2017

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Another move is in the offing for the Neumans in Brazil. It began as a thought several weeks before we left the US, yet God’s provision was made almost instantly available to us through the announcement of someone from our church putting their house up for rent. This house is just a few blocks away and closer to our church plus it will be less than what we currently pay, with the advantage of much more room. As with any move there are extra costs. Here we must pay double rent for a month so we can paint the old place as we move into the new, plus paint and painter costs as well as unknown costs in organizing a new place. Since the apartment had some built in cupboards and closets and the new house doesn't there will be those kinds of expenses. We plan to move during the first full week of September. Pray for us in this!

UPDATE - September 7th

 Since the owners of the house we are moving into are moving into a new apartment, various things in their apartment have slowed down the process. They are hoping to move this weekend, the 9th and 10th and we hope we can move next  Saturday, the 16th.  Please pray this will really work out. We will have only 1 week to get organized before the week long Biblical Counseling conference the 22-27th and then one more week before receiving our son, Nate, and his family here for a 5 day visit, October 7-11.

Lima Familia julho 2017 Fernando and Lany Lima with Gabriel


Since returning to Brazil, we have had times of debriefing with three missionary families back in Brazil on short furloughs. The Limas and Mafras are back reporting about the great success of the Gospel in Venezuela even in the midst of enormous financial difficulties in that country. Our seminary there will begin classes shortly for the third year with 20 returning students besides several new ones. Ronaldo and Thalita Fernandes and family are back from East Timor. While they are traveling all over Brazil visiting their supporting churches, they also have it as a priority to obtain a final diagnosis on Estevão, nearly two, concerning developmental delays, possibly due to autism or some other physical condition. This diagnosis will determine much about the timing of their return. In the meantime, two singles carry on the ministries of the Logos Language School and gospel ministries in East Timor. The need for another family there has been in our prayers especially these days.

Fernandes julho 2017 Ronaldo & Thalita, Zadoque & Estêvão