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New Facebook Group

Lynda Neuman on September 7, 2017

For our Faithful Prayer Partners --

It takes a lot of time to write a prayer update.  Often we have so much to report they end up being long and you may find them tedious to read -- especially if you are trying to read them on a mobile device.

We have found two solutions to this problem.  

1. When you come to our site, it should give you the option of choosing the mobile-friendly view which will adjust the margins down and give more space between lines. That should help you read our monthly updates with more ease.

2. Those of you on Facebook can get weekly updates by checking our To Brazil and Beyond group page.   

If you aren't yet a member, let us know and we'll add you. 

Then you will get notifications of our new posts, which we aim to add several times a week.

Contact us at tobrazilandbeyond@gmail.com or at jerlynda@gmail.com

or leave a message on Lynda Neuman's Facebook page.

Your Missionaries to Brazil and Beyond,

Jerry and Lynda Neuman