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Japan Trip Report

Jerry Neuman on September 7, 2017

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Two months have passed since I was in Japan researching the possibilities of ministries for our MMM missionaries. The ramifications continue today.  We now have a better idea how our Brazilian missionaries can reach the Japanese for Christ. I spent the four days in Osaka with a Brazilian pastor and his Latin American Church (Igreja Ágape), which, although predominately Brazilian Portuguese speakers, includes a number of Spanish speaking members from Peru, Bolivia and Chile. I was able to teach and preach in Portuguese, as is normal for them. Sunday services include participation in Spanish and Portuguese.

Pastor Eder told me that there are other similar churches in a larger city where there are many more Brazilians – many churches without pastors! While there might be 10,000 Brazilians in Osaka, there are probably more than 65,000 in Nagoya! I didn't have time or money to visit this city on this trip, unfortunately.

Japanese adults are slow to accept other nationalities, so adult Latins don't have a lot of opportunities to build relationships with them. Hence The Asaph Project -- a vision of reaching the Japanese through the next generation of Brazilians who live in their midst by training parents to disciple their children (who will naturally be more integrated) to reach their Japanese schoolmates.

Our thanks to those of you who participated in the cost of this short trip. Pray for us as we continue making contacts and developing this project.

Don´t go to the hospital in the US!  At least that is the lesson we learned while there. Back at the end of April, I, Jerry, was with our son Nathan, at a Pure Life Ministries Conference in Kentucky. During the conference, I began having some symptoms that could have indicated a heart problem. We went to the emergency room after it was confirmed that my blood pressure was 168/103 (pulse 102). In the end, things settled down and they ruled out any major problem. I continue to take my BP daily and it has never returned to those levels – Praise the Lord!

ABWE has great health insurance for us when we live in Brazil, though on a basis of reimbursement.  However, in the US, there are very high deductibles, so during our 5 months there it paid for nothing! Just for the emergency costs we paid out nearly $2,500 depleting our accrued emergency health fund at ABWE, and leaving us with a debt of  $1,900 for this. We have other medical needs but no funds to draw on for  reimbursement.  Please pray with us for God's provision of this need. 

Your Missionaries to Brazil and Beyond,

Jerry and Lynda Neuman