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Catch up Time!!

Lynda Neuman on November 11, 2016 Comments (0)

Oh my!  This blog has gone by the wayside with our busy lives! We are determined to try to pick up the pen once more!

We need to use this media as a means to stimulate your prayers, so to start please read the attached update about how God has been working out His will in our daily lives. Your participation with us in prayer is so important! We determine to post several times a month to this blog keeping you up to date as to how you can have a part in our ministry through prayer.

Be sure to check out two new photo albums as well.  Creation Ministries shares photos of Jerry and Donna Layton's creation ministries here in September.  2016 Africa Trip is a photo account of our recent trip to West Africa to minister to our MMM missionaries in Cape Verde and the Gambia.




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