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What a Week!

Jerry Neuman on May 20, 2012 Comments (0)

Phew!  What a week! (May13-20)  We were counting on your prayers.  I hope you were with us.  We experienced many blessings amidst the busyness of the schedule. To add challenge to a busy week, since our car was in the shop, we were dependent on rides with others or riding the buses, which usually adds 45 min. to an hour one way, except for when going as far as the Bible school and then you can count on an hour and a half.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Together with parents, sons, grandkids on Mother's DayTogether with parents, sons, grandkids on Mother's Day

Sunday was Mothers' Day and since Lynda is in the US, it was going to be me as the cook.  So I was up early and made a Tamale Pie in the crock pot.  (We ate on it on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and still have a few portions left!)  Then it was off to a Mothers' Day breakfast at the church by 9 am. Sunday school followed. Pastor Jenuan promised to end exceptionally early, and he did, by 11 am.  Sunday evening is our big service and we accordingly went the full 2 and half hours!

Monday afternoon through Friday morning was the Most Important Event  
                          (do I have your attention yet?)
that Maranatha Multicultural Ministries has done so far.                                  Two cameras live streaming...Two cameras live streaming...
It was a week of training for our missionaries and administrative personnel. 

 We had 2 men from AVANTE mission fly in from the US on Tuesday afternoon who were the main trainers all week: What is a Short Cycle Church Planting team?  How does it work?  What is a TEAM?  How does it function?  I was able to add illustrations from my 30 years of experience as a missionary. 

Junior and Mônica introduce Josué to MMMJunior and Mônica introduce Josué to MMMTechnologically up to date, we had two cameras sending a stream to an internet site that our missionaries in other countries watched live or can pick up later if not able to watch at the time of broadcast. I was live with some of them on Skype, taking their comments and sharing them with others.  WOW!

We had one furloughing missionary with us, Isaías,  three couples and three singles who are raising their support, as well as all the missionaries in Cape Verde who were able to watch several sessions and 6-7 from our administrative team.  Slow internet and a strong thunderstorm in Guyana complicated the João Nascimento family in being able to participate, but we hope they will be able to watch individual sessions at another time. With our nine approved fields for which we have missionaries raising support, MMM will soon be spread over four continents! 

During the time together, we had a number of prayer times.  The most touching was for Núbia, wife of Pastor Domingos, from the Nascimento's sending church.  Núbia suddenly developed Leukemia, stage 4.  We thought we were going to lose her on Thursday. The Lord has answered our prayers and she is more stable.  The church is bringing home John and Fabiana Nascimento, who were very close, from Guyana to be able to see Núbia. Pastor Jenuan, his wife, Aline, and I went to visit Núbia after the MMM sessions on Friday afternoon.  She was trusting the Lord and hopeful.  Please pray for all of these dear friends during this difficult trial that their faith and God's glory would shine through.

Shortly thereafter on Friday, I received a call from the car shop saying our car would be ready at closing time.  Since it was only promised to be out next Tuesday I was very thankful.  We really need to get a different car.  Today I checked at a dealership who said that due to it's engine problems they will only give me U$2,500.00 for it on a trade in!  The style of car we are looking at in about a 2008 model will cost about $12,000.  Though we have another $3,500 available as a down, that still leaves $6,000 to finance.  Would you pray with us for God's provision of a larger portion for a down payment?

Saturday night, at our church's bi-monthly business meeting, the highlight was receiving ten (10) new members!! Though the early months of this year had some difficult trials including several discipline situations, God is restoring and reviving. Praise the Lord with us for this blessing.

This next week, May 21-27, promises to be almost as busy. We hope you'll pray with us about these commitments: João & Fabiana, Itiel & EtanJoão & Fabiana, Itiel & Etan
Monday morning and afternoon I will be picking up the Nascimentos and the Guyanan leader of the association of churches at the airport and probably hosting them here in our small apartment for a few days.  
Monday evening (and Wednesday afternoon) I have my normal classes to teach.
Tuesday will include a luncheon with the church leader from Guyana discussing plans for Lynda's and my trip there with Pr. Jenuan in June for a Bible Conference. {We've had an offer to match any funds donated to cover Lynda's passage for this trip so she can speak to the ladies.  Would you consider multiplying your $ to enable her to participate in this ministry?}
Thursday morning, Pr. Jenuan and I travel with a group on an eight hour journey to have meetings with seminary students interested in MMM. 
Friday evening will be our first MMM Banquet near the Cariri Baptist Seminary and Lydia's 21st birthday (for which she will be home alone!  She and I enjoyed a special Chinese lunch out on Sunday to celebrate early.)
Saturday we travel home in time to be at a church missions conference that evening and our normal schedule on Sunday, which begins with the 8:30 am English service.  Phew!  We could use your prayers again this week!!

We are grateful to each and every one of you whom the Spirit moves to be involved in some aspect of our lives and ministry.  Without your prayers we could not keep up with all that is on our plate!  Through your contributions, God supplies our need.  Thanks for your part on our team!



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