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The vision of Jerry and Lynda is to MULTIPLY their efforts by training Brazilians to do the work of the ministry. Being involved in a Bible school setting like Maranatha Bible School, also known as SIBIMA, they are able to prepare many at one time. Jerry teaches classes in Hebrew, Christian Ethics, Theology, and Missions.  Lynda has been involved helping him with some of the Missions classes and teaching the Women's Christian Worker class.  Lynda is the administrative secretary for the annual Biblical Counseling Course of SIBIMA which has blossomed into a complex and far-reaching program.

Another way they are multiplying themselves is holding an English service on Sunday mornings at Planalto Baptist Bible Church. The emphasis here is learning how to evangelize in simple, global English using ABWE's The Story of Hope. Their desire is to prepare English speaking Brazilians to reach out to other English speakers with whom they come in contact, especially thinking of those who will be coming to Brazil for the World cup in 2014 and then the Olympics in 2016.

God is moving among His people here in Brazil giving them a vision to GO -- taking the Gospel message beyond their borders. Jerry has helped in the establishment of Maranatha Multi-cultural Ministries to facilitate Brazilians in obeying the Great Commission. Now, as Administrative Director, he offers technical and administrative support to the Director's Board.  Jerry and Lynda also take care of the missionaries, both those on the fields and raising support. They are involved in counseling and encouraging the missionaries as they, in turn, are engaged in taking the message of light into the darkness of today's world. As of the end of 2012, MMM has 11 adult missionaries on the field and 15 raising support.  The Neumans feel the heavy load of caring for these servants of the Lord and their 19 children.  Their prayer is that God will raise up the right man/couple to share this responsibility.

Generally there are not any other ABWE personnel in the area, but beginning in August of 2012 and continuing until sometime the middle of 2013, Jerry and Lynda are preparing the Mike and Renée Skibinski family for the ministry they will have alongside the MMM missionaries in Cape Verde.  Lynda is involved in overseeing their study of Portuguese.

The Neumans have a desire to encourage Brazilians in their walk with God and service for Him. This desire works itself out both formally and informally in a variety of ways: 

  • Coming alongside Bible school students ministering in local churches to help and encourage them in ministry.  God has allowed them opportunities to work with Brazilians starting out in ministry on each of the fields where they have served. 
  • Befriending young married couples who are considering ministry or already involved in some type of service for our Lord.
  • Counseling young couples who are contemplating marriage.  Due to several of their children having cross-cultural marriages, this is an interesting twist that has come to their ministry in recent years. 
  • Lynda has been involved in discipling and counseling ladies in all three ministry settings (Bible school, mission, church, ) for the last several years.