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OUR HISTORY // Nossa História

Our History 

Jerry and Lynda, with their two young children, Nathan and Rachael, arrived in Brazil in January of 1984.  During these twenty-nine years they have ministered in three distinct types of ministries.

Their first two terms were involved in church-planting projects. For two years they ministered in the metropolitan setting of Salvador, Bahia.  Then from 1986 to 1993 they helped establish the Igreja Batista Esperança, four hours interior, in the rural city of Itaberaba, Bahia.  It was during these years in the state of Bahia that both Luke and Lydia were born.  Later, from 2005 to 2009, they were involved in the establishing of the Maranatha Baptist Bible Church in the slum neighboorhood of Edson Queiroz in Fortaleza, Ceará.


While still in Bahia Jerry began to direct his efforts toward the ministry of teaching and training Brazilians for ministry which eventually involved this type of ministry in three Northeastern states:  Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, and Ceará.  From 1988 to 1992 and again from 1996 to 2001 he taught classes at the Berean Baptist Seminary and Institute (SIBB) in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.  In Fortaleza, Ceará, since 2002, their main ministry has been teaching at the Maranatha Bible Institute and Seminary (SIBIMA).  Since leaving Bahia our colleagues started the Bahia Regular Baptist Bible College and Jerry has returned several times to teach there also.

SIBIMA's first missions major graduate, Ronaldo Fernandes, is going to East Timor with MMM


In 2006, their ministry gained an additional emphasis of thrusting Brazilians out into God's harvest field through two new avenues of ministry:

 1. teaching in the newly implanted missions major at SIBIMA;

 2. helping to launch Maranatha Multicultural Ministries (MMM), a cross-cultural mission agency with a vision of sending Brazilians past their borders with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

MMM training seminar in 2012

Since June of 2009, when the Neumans left the Maranatha church plant work, they have emphasized teaching and training Brazilians through SIBIMA, then thrusting them out into ministry through MMM.  Even so, they have also had various opportunities to help Brazilians strenthen their marriage commitments through speaking at monthly meetings and retreats of couples as well as preparing cross-cultural couples for marriage through counseling.  They have returned to the mother church, Planalto Baptist Bible Church, where Jerry now leads an English service on Sunday mornings before Sunday School with the purpose of preparing Brazilians who speak some English to share the gospel with English speaking contacts.  He has also filled in as the adult SS class teacher when the pastor is traveling.  Lynda is involved in discipling and counseling ladies in this church context.

Another aspect of training Brazilians began in February of 2010, when God brought the Neuman’s former colleagues, Al and Kim Yoder, to teach a module in Biblical Counseling at SIBIMA.  Since that time, Jerry and Lynda have been involved in facilitating, planning, and logistics for four seminars in Biblical counseling.  These seminars are now offered each September, with tracks on four different levels.  This course prepares pastors, missionaries, and lay-workers to help believers face life’s difficulties by applying biblical truth to all areas of their lives, in accord with 2 Peter 1:3-11.

You can view photos from these ministries in our photo albums by looking up the albums under each particular ministry.  We are working on updating these photos, so be sure to come back soon and see what we have added.