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OUR FAMILY // Nossa Família

The Neumans first arrived in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in 1984, with their two children, Nathan  (4 & 1/2) and Rachael (2 & 1/2).  Their first year was spent learning the Portuguese language and adapting to the culture. Nathan adapted quickly, already correcting his parent's portuguese within six months time! 

During their third year in Salvador, Luke was born.  Shortly thereafter, the family moved interior to a Itaberaba, where they ministered until 1993.  Lydia was born in May 1991, completing their family. During these years interior, Lynda put her teaching credentials to use homeschooling her children.

With the transition in ministry from church planting to preparing Brazilians for ministry, a change in fields was necessary.  In 1996, the Neumans moved to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, for Jerry to teach in the Berean Baptist Bible School and Seminary, also known as SIBB. Lynda continued homeschooling Nathan and the two younger children, while Rachael went to Fortaleza Academy, a boarding school 8 hrs. away for high school.

Besides graduating high school with a diploma from ABeka, Nathan also completed a Brazilian program that allowed him to earn a Brazilian diploma as well. From the age of 16, Nathan was employed teaching English to Brazilians. This became his means of supporting a family, when he married Betania Rocha on July 14, 2001.

On October 15, 2003, Nathanzinho (little Nathan) the first grandchild on both the Neuman and Rocha sides of the family was born. In May of 2005, Nathan and his family moved to the United States, living in S. California, near Lynda's parents. Nathalie was born October 14, 2005. In 2011, Nathan and Betania brought Lynda's aging parents to live with them, which allows the Neumans to continue living and ministering in Brazil.

Graduating from the Academy in 1999, Rachael studied one year at SIBB, then one year in the US, returning with her parents to Brazil in 2000 where she continued at SIBB and met her future husband, Pedro. They were married in December 2001 and graduated together from SIBB in 2005. After teaching English and together helping at a church in Natal for a number of years, Pedro was called to co-pastor an interior church and Rachael to teach English in their Christian school. On August 11, 2012 their first child, Samuel Asafe, was born.

Luke boarded in order to study at the Academy for his sophomore year.  Then the Neumans moved to Fortaleza, and Luke could finish his studies living at home.  After his graduation in 2004, Luke made the transition to the US where he studied at The Master's College in S. California.  Shortly after graduating together in 2008, Luke started dating Danielle, daughter of friends and ABWE colleagues, Dave and Anita Devore who ministered in S.Africa. Luke and Danielle were married July 25, 2008 and continue living and working in the area.

Moving to Fortaleza allowed Lydia to study at the Academy from 6th grade through high school. During that time she also completed a year long church worker's course at the Bible School which later enabled her to graduate from high school in 2008 after only three years.  Desiring to teach English, she completed an online course in TESL and a 6 semester course in education at a Brazilian University.  Since 2008 she has been teaching English in a variety of settings, while still living at home.  Her desire is to get further training in other areas and in the future serve alongside a godly husband in full-time ministry.