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MMM Família 2018 Photos

MMM Missionaries//Missionários

 YOU can co-operate in the global advancement of the gospel

1. BY PRAYING for our MMM missionaries 

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  • our 15 adult missionaries serving on four different fields:
CAPE VERDE:  Junior and Mônica Souza Silva, Eliane Viera, Michael and Renee Skibinski (ABWE partnering with MMM) in Fortaleza learning Portuguese. 
GUYANA:  João and Fabiana Sousa Nascimento
GAMBIA:  Carlos Herôn and Ana Laura Morães  (MMM partnering with ABWE)
PORTUGAL:  Paulo Henrique and Alcina (Cininha) Barroso
UNILAB: University for students from Portuguese nations just 5O km outside of Fortaleza, where ministries are already in place to students from Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, and East Timor by Izaías and Elda Arruda, Ronaldo and Thalita Fernandes.
  • our 15 new missionaries raising support to work in six different locations:
CAPE VERDE:  Fábio and Danielle Brito, Marcos Paulo and Francinete Soares.
VENEZUELA:  Ricardo and Rita Mafra, Fernando and Lany Lima, Darlene Alencar.
EAST TIMOR:  Ronaldo and Thalita Fernandes, Leilane da Silva Gomes (MMM partnering with Avante)
GUINEA BISSAU:  Jamillena de Andrade Nery, the need for other team members to enable us to open this field.
BOLIVIA:  Crizelite Siebra, the need for other team members to enable us to open this field.
THE GAMBIA: Iara Guerra Medeiros -- apprenticeship in the Gambia in preparation for a possible new field afterwards.
  • our future ministry possibilities:
PORTUGAL:  Partnerships being formed between a Portuguese church and two possible new missionary couples.


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