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Maranatha "Come, Lord Jesus"

That Christians of Jewish cultural background were able to introduce into the multicultural church in the Greek city of Corinth the Aramaic phrase "Maranatha",  testifies to the multicultural mission of the church.

All Christians, regardless of their cultural background, are responsible to take the gospel message to others, even those who do not share their particular culture.  All of us can say with those early Christians, "Maranatha -- Come, Lord". John testified in the last chapter of the Revelation given to him:

"The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come!' And let him who hears say, 'Come!' And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."

Maranatha Multicultural Mission is a Brazilian mission board dedicated to bringing that gospel message through Brazilians to multicultural contexts. She is a co-operative effort of ABWE personnel working with several Baptist and Bible Church movements in Brazil.  A missions conference was held October 30, 31 and November 1, 2006 to officially launch the MMM at which were presented her burden, plans and personnel.

We currently have three families and one single in Cape Verde, with another couple finishing up linguistic preparation for the translation team there, as well as an American family coming in June of 2012 to learn portuguese and then join the Cape Verde team.  We've had one family in Guyana for a year, and another family traveling to Gambia on April 19.  We have one family in Portugal who have recently gone on leave of absence while finishing up a master's degree program.  A Braziian family is preparing for ministry in East Timor, and an MK and his Brazilian wife are in the US raising support to team up with our missionaries through the Avante mission. There are a number of singles praying about joining this team as well. We have an expeirienced missionary couple preparing to go to Venezuela, and two single ladies praying for God to raise up others to join them in Bolivia and Guinea Bissau.  MMM has grown exponentially in these last months!!  March 2012 saw us accepting 8 new missionaries -- To God Be the Glory!!

Jerry's position as Administrative Director of the mission puts him heavily into the day-to-day decision making with the three other members.  He of course is involved in translating anything that must be in English and communicating with ABWE, our partner mission.  The largest responsibility that falls under his job-description is caring for the missionaries, both on the field and raising their support.  Lynda helps him with that as they communicate with the field missionaries through Skype.  Jerry has made trips to Cape Verde, Guyana, Gambia and Senegal.  A trip is being planned for late June 2012 to offer a conference for leaders and their wives in Guyana.  Funds are needed to help Jerry and Lynda participate by ministering in this conference.  They also hope to make visits to the other fields in the near future to encourage and support the missionaries under their care.

To learn a bit about how this ministry was born, we would like to encourage you to go to the following site of the ABWE Message Magazine (online):

  http://message.abwe.org/features/Missions-comes-full-circle-in-Brazil.html and http://message.abwe.org/features/Birth-of-a-New-Brazilian-Mission.html

We hope you will join us in prayer for these brethren dedicated to spreading God's glory among the nations, giving hope and purpose to those who trust Christ's provision for their sins.  You can see requests for the specific missionaries on the Prayer Requests page and read their prayer letters in English by pushing the MMM Prayer letter button.