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Back Home in Beaumont

Lynda Neuman on May 2, 2017

The numbers tell the story of our whirlwind trip to the North. During 40 days we slept in 23 beds! We spoke in 4 Sunday Church services, besides 4 other church prayer meetings, updating them on our ministries and encouraging prayer and financial participation. We met with 12 financially supporting units (individuals or couples) besides 7 prayer supporting units. Lynda spoke to 2 Women's Missionary Fellowships and Jerry presented our MMM ministry at a 3 day Men's Weekend Retreat. In Los Gatos, California we participated in the California Association of Regular Baptist Churches annual meetings, meeting with numerous missionaries, pastors and...

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Heading North

Jerry Neuman on April 21, 2017 Comments (0)

A Persecuted Church and a Free Church? No! As we reported in our last prayer letter, we were planning to attend a conference we thought was on the Persecuted Church. We learned much from a missionary couple who have traveled to over 180 different countries, interviewing those who face persecution on a regular basis, asking: "How do you manage? Is Jesus worth it?"  We learned a number of principles and some surprising ideas. One of them is that there is not a Persecuted Church and a Free Church, but THE CHURCH, the body of Christ. Throughout the New Testament and in the...

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Catch up Time!!

Lynda Neuman on November 11, 2016 Comments (0)

Oh my!  This blog has gone by the wayside with our busy lives! We are determined to try to pick up the pen once more! We need to use this media as a means to stimulate your prayers, so to start please read the attached update about how God has been working out His will in our daily lives. Your participation with us in prayer is so important! We determine to post several times a month to this blog keeping you up to date as to how you can have a part in our ministry through prayer. Be sure to...

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Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Lynda Neuman on June 4, 2012 Comments (0)

 Dear Partner in Ministry,We try to spare our children from making choices in life that are not wise, based on our our own or others' experiences. We don´t always succeed though; sometimes they have to experience life to learn.  It comes a little harder when we, the older, experienced ones, have to admit we are still learning from the hard knocks of life.Take choosing a car, for example.  We bought our current one almost 4 years ago, using what funds we received from our former car and adding some funds received from offerings on a short furlough.  Our choice was...

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What a Week!

Jerry Neuman on May 20, 2012 Comments (0)

Phew!  What a week! (May13-20)  We were counting on your prayers.  I hope you were with us.  We experienced many blessings amidst the busyness of the schedule. To add challenge to a busy week, since our car was in the shop, we were dependent on rides with others or riding the buses, which usually adds 45 min. to an hour one way, except for when going as far as the Bible school and then you can count on an hour and a half.                                     ...

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