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Christmas Greetings

Lynda Neuman on December 24, 2018

We want to take this opportunity to wish all of our prayer and financial supporters a Merry Christmas. The life that Jesus came to live was to be an example for us to live. He is the brightness/radiance of the Glory of God (Heb. 1.3). The Holy Spirit is transforming us into the image of this Glorious One (Rom. 8:29). Praise the Lord He came in obedience to the Father. All this and much more began to take shape when the Angel Gabriel brought the message to a young, devout lady. We celebrate His birth. We celebrate His life! To follow...

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Urgent Prayers for Safety

Lynda Neuman on August 28, 2018

  PRAYER FOR SAFETY NEEDED:  Our city and state have become increasingly more dangerous, due to drugs, gangs, and now organized criminal groups. Fortaleza is classified as one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil. We live in an older middle to upper class neighborhood across the street from a major mall and between the governor's palace and one of the cities regional offices. Yet our neighborhood has become a target for assault and robbery. Last Saturday we went to comfort and pray with one of our members who was assaulted as he arrived at home, just after his wife had...

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Trip to the States

Jerry Neuman on June 7, 2018

THREE SEMINARS IN ONE    ABWE hosted an event for international theological educators that included three seminars during one week. I felt privileged to be invited and paid the cost in time as well as finances. It was also a bit rough on my body, especially considering the long trips there and back as well as the busyness of the week. But, all considered, it was well worth everything. First, Monday night and Tuesday morning just ABWE missionary educators gathered. What a pleasure it was to see and work with colleagues from around the world! One colleague was my Bible...

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Update: Trucker's Strike

Lynda Neuman on May 31, 2018

We do appreciate your prayers for the difficult situation that Brazil is going through-- both economically and politically. What started eleven days ago as a protest against high taxation has now turned political - because the real reason behind the exorbitant taxes on the Brazilian people is corruption in high places and absurd salaries and benefits for government leaders.  Primary results from the strike for truckers is a decrease in diesel fuel prices. There is a huge difference between Brazil and other developing countries – she has almost no railroad system, so everything goes by truck! Because of this many...

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Together with US

Jerry Neuman on May 13, 2018

Side by Side Right after the last prayer letter, at the end of March, we traveled 3 hours to a church that is pastored by one of my former students. I spoke on the theme Strong Families Make a Strong Church. On Saturday it was the Role of the Father, Sunday morning, the Pattern for the Mother and in the evening, Parents and Children. If all the members of the family do their part, then the family and the church will be strong. We have to work side by side. A couple of weeks later Lynda and I spoke to a couples meeting at a church...

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